Monday, July 17, 2006

A Wiki by experts

The free encyclopedia wikipedia is a big time hit in the digital universe.

There has been some understandable apprehension among academic circles that the wiki is not so reliable because anyone can contribute to it and that there is no traditional review process.

This article in Reuters about Enron Founder Ken Lay's death underscores the challenges facing Wikepedia.

Glyn Moody of The Guardian writes a nice artice about how Larry Sanger is working to bring out the new Wiki. Read this article to understand Sanger's role in the Wiki from the very beginning.

Now go on to Sanger's blog Digital universe foundation. In it he writes, "I am not launching a web guide. There’s a whole group of dozens of employees who, truth be told, have all the fun of doing the work, more than I am. Apart from Textop, which is my own project, I am a project planner and theorist and consultant, and public cheerleader (e.g., this blog). I answer the President of the DUF, Bernard Haisch, and we answer to the DUF Board of Directors. And the ManyOne Networks side of things is really doing most of the heavy lifting. Just wanted to make that clear!"

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