Sunday, July 30, 2006

A farmer has to sell his robotic sons.

A Chinese farmer grows robots. It's strange, he does it by himself and they've become his sons.

The China Daily said Mr. Wu Ylu, 44 was forced to sell his beloved home-made robots to pay off debts after his house burnt down.

All 25 robots were made of wire, metal, screws and nails found in rubbish tips, with some able to serve tea, light cigarettes and push rickshaws. "The cleverer they became, the deeper the emotional link I felt … I began to call them my sons," Wu Yulu was quoted as saying.

Mr. Wu does not have a formal education. He was one of five children in the family, and his parents could not support his education after he graduated from primary school in the mid-1970s. This was, however, no deterent to Mr. Wu who persisted to work on his dreams.

He took cue from nature. He was fascinated by the human body movements and in his spare time from farming, he collected everything that could be used in those movable things.

He loved to play with robots but had not heard of the word 'robot' when his imagintion to build moveable objects took flight.

Despite obstacles of accidents and disabled robots, Mr. Wu pressed on and the final blow forcing him to sell his robotic sons is a cruel twist to a fascinating story.

Mr. Wu is a genius of perseverence.

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