Monday, October 31, 2005


1-"The object and practice of liberty lies in the limitation of government power."
-- General Douglas MacArthur(1880-1964) WWII Supreme Allied Commander of the Southwest Pacific, Supreme United Nations Commander.

2-"Protection, therefore, against the tyranny of the magistrate is not enough; there needs protection against the tyranny of the prevailing opinion and feeling,against the tendency of society to impose,by other means than civil penalties, its own ideas and practices as rules of conducton those who dissent from them.
"-- John Stuart Mill(1806-1873) English philosopher and economist Source: On Liberty, 1859

3-"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe.To be your own man is hard business.If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself."
-- Rudyard Kipling(1865-1936)


  • Courage is the knowledge of how to fear what ought to be feared and how not to fear what ought not to be feared.
  • Courage as human virtue is of supreme importance. No substitute can be found for it. Courage has many dimensions. We have the courage to face danger, to resist authority, to innovate or to move to a new place.

Washington honors Rosa Parks Fortitude of Courage

Many of the younger generation of the present day Americans may even not know who Ms. Rosa Parks is. But yesterday the civil rights pioneer lay in honor in the nation's Capitol Rotunda, sharing the feat with the likes of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. This is the highest honor US accords to Presidents and war heroes. In the picture President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush pay their respects followed by members of Congress and many ordinary Americans.

"She was a citizen in the best sense of the word," said a senator. "She caused things to happen in our society that made us a better, more caring, more just society." This sums up well her glorious contribution.

She was an unassuming simple woman, a seamstress going about living her ordinary life. But her singular act of refusing to give up her seat to a white man on a racially segregated bus sparked off and galvanized civil rights movement, finally abolishing this unjust law by federal legislation. By her defiance she has demonstrated extraordinary service to her nation, not because of any weapons or any office that she held. but by the power of her conviction.

This is an amazing story of inspiration.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Boutique Doctors

A new breed of doctors have emerged in USA. Concierge or Boutique doctors in exchange for a cash retainer payment are offering personalized medical services.

So what's wrong with this. Nothing on the face of it. It's like a rich man's country club. Those who can afford pay the annual fees, say $ 1650/00 a year do not have to wait in long queues and they can see a whole lot of difference in how they are attended to.

The regulators are worried that this is creating a two-tier system of medicine. Professional and ethical arguements are being debated on whether doctors in giving this preferential care are violating the unwritten medical code of sharing the profession's duties equitably.

Well, if doctors pursue this to the extent of providing the best service to the highest paying clients, Hippocrates will surely turn in his grave. While this extreme is far fetched, an unregulated self-serving interest mentality can perhaps create more problems than the benifits it can deliver.

Technology wins over humans- Robot Camel Jockeys

There's more to this story than saying that robots have replaced the child labor used as camel riding jockeys in the Arabian Desert. It's a fascinating story of tradition versus modernity, and technology coming to rescue the servitude by the rich and powerful of the Arab Peninsula- Saudi Arabia, Qatar and United Emirates where camel racing is a popular sport for thousands of years.

The lighter the jockey, the faster the camel runs and this is where the problem starts. In order to get the beast to run at speeds reaching 25 miles per hour in 112-degree desert heat, underweight children are used. Human rights activists have taken strong objection to this and under pressure from the west, Qatar has agreed to free the children and when ready, robots will replace children to perform the same task. It's a win-win for all.

Understandably, these victories didn't without glitches. The Swiss Company that designed the robots had to make sure that robots did not look 'human' as Islam forbids representation of the human form and Qatar's bigger and more conservative neighbour Saudi Arabia is watching how these events are unfolding. The first prototype had a white ghost- like face and when mounted on the camel, it was so scared it turned around and ran the wrong way. More child like features and skin color were given to the dummy robot in order to fool the camel. It seems to be working. Each robot costs $10,000 and this opens up the potential for huge business to the Swiss Company. The rich and powerful Arabs are happy, the camel races will continue. The noise against child labor will cool off. But there is an irony to this seemingly happy end; the children who are freed and sent back to their countries mostly to Sudan are worse off because they are likey to end up in the streets for further exploitation by others.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Radicals In Robes

Radicals in robes: Why extreme right-wing courts are wrong for America. This is a book written by Cass R. Stein, distinguished professor of jurisprudence at The University Of Chicago Law School. For a layman like me who finds it difficult to muddle through the court system in USA , this book review is rather illuminating.

Sustein looks at the constitutional issues from the conservative and liberal angles and the level of judicial activism of the Courts. This was seen in the Harriet Miers nomination when she withdrew her name under severe pressure from the conservatives. This is the state of affairs in the most powerful country in which separation of state and religion is enshrined in the constitution.

Look once again at the heading and you will see that the problem of 'Radicals in Robes' exists in other countries too. Whenever religion is used for poltical ends it leads to division and conflict within races and communities. The result sometimes is uncontrolled emotion and deadly consequences. So the call for religious zealots- hold your breath, take a step back and offer your hand to live in peace.

Here's my leadership test result.

A Quote from Adam Smith

"The natural effort of every individual to better
his own condition is so powerful that it is alone,
and without any assistance, not only capable
of carrying on the society to wealth and prosperity,
but of surmounting a hundred impertinent obstructions
with which the folly of human laws too often encumbers its operations."
-- Adam Smith
(1723-1790) Scottish philosopher and economist

Friday, October 28, 2005

Agritainment: Farms attract tourist dollar.

Many farmers are now turning their homesteads into tourist attractions in order to earn extra income. The picture (on the left) shows school kids at Paul Siegel's Cotton Woods Farm in Crest Hill, Chicago. Such farms provide good outdoors and fun for kids. Kids could learn about animals and see them in real life, which they woud otherwise read or learn in their classrooms.

This is agricultural tourism that benifits the farmers and provide good value to families and visitors. Annual events demonstrating farm animals and crop cultivation and other aspects farm life make this type of tourism popular.

In India a district by the name of Kodagu( formerly known as Coorg) is in the state of Karnataka. Kodagu or Coorg as it is better known is situated in the the high altitude and produces coffee, tea, cardamom, pepper and rice. This state has been formerly ruled by the British. A Research Farm is located in this district and you can stay at the farm Guest House (above) and observe and enjoy the eco-friendly methods of producing coffee, cardamon and pepper. It's also a cool opportunity to learn about organic farming.

Bangalore IT Fair 2005, unimpressive.

The premier annual IT event in Bangalore took off to a damp start with the government and industry at odds and heavy downpour consequent to a depression in Bay Of Begal not helping either.

Most of the stalls are not fully up yet and the poor support to industry giants like Infosys by a former prime minister is another dark cloud. The organisers are, however, putting up a brave face and people who want them to do well must wish them Good Luck.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Battle against blogs

Corporate America is taking an anti-blog stand, so say industry insiders. Companies are using security filters to block access to blog sites, content scanners block and blacklist a range of IP addresses from games to anything they do not like.

But what's the point. Really! Is it for fear of business competition, higher security, privacy, regulatory needs for diligence or plain stupid command and control tactics, a hangover of yesterday's industrial practices that some companies are stuck with. Well, there will be no shortage of conspiracy theories.

The availability and use of technology is making it difficult for the 'top down approach' to deliver the best results in business. The way forward cannot be to stifle creativity and potential for growth both in industry and human resources.

If you didn't know "Your Values" !

" In the absence of clearly defined values, we become strangly loyal to performing daily acts of trivia."

"If you do not know your own true values and act on them, you are doomed to live out the agendas of others.
-Richard Bellamy

The New Virtual Office Worker

By Johan MacLeod

In today's marketplace the need for outsourcing is becoming more and more apparent. Rising gas prices are having a dramatic effect on everything in view of the fact that the economy is literally driven by the need for gas. This is reflective upon an employees need to have to commute daily. As stresses increase, bank accounts decrease as these gas tanks are becoming expensive to fill.

But it's not just the price of gas anymore; often it's facing bad weather and congested roads and highways with other commuter's that becomes frustrating. Office workers are depleted of precious energy by this daily time and money-consuming routine in order to get to a job on time, which results in an increasing amount of frustration before the day has started - this is then repeated at the end of the day when they are tired and even more stressed out, getting home late just so they can eat, sleep and begin the cycle all over again.

One way around this is for an employer to hire a Virtual Assistant. Virtual Assistants are a new form of office worker - but without the office, or at least the corporate office. Instead they will do the same work from home. This is not a new idea since for some of the labor market it has already begun. The benefits to an employer are many fold as I'll explain.

By hiring a Virtual Assistant or VA it not only eliminates the employee showing up at the office already exhausted and not functioning at the 100% an employer requires, it also eliminates many costly benefits incurred by an employer including vacations, sick days, expensive dental and medical benefits as well as when there is a slow-period or downtime which is expensive since employers are reluctant to lay people off.

Since a VA supplies her own office equipment, which is another immense saving to the employer, they can be an immense relief and solution to these headaches since they are paid only for the work they do and nothing else. With good communication a VA can get the job done as well from home, without distractions of multiple telephones ringing and other employees stopping by for a chat.

For a VA, training is minimal and work hours can be more flexible. An employer often profits from the experience and professionalism of a VA who has already put a business together which lends a greater appreciation and commitment to the work the client is asking. As the song goes 'they times, they are a changing.' Look for us - Virtual Assistants are fast becoming one of the Best Small Business Opportunities over the internet.

About the Author: Johan MacLeod owns and operates Virtually Connected Office Assistance (VCOA) from a suburb in Montreal, Canada. Here she provides extensive experience with over 25 years of knowledge and discipline in the Executive Management, Administrative, Secretarial, Clerical and Support Staff fields.


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Pollution: Cause of dead fish in Juhu Beach Mumbai?

Thousands of dead fish have been washed up on to Mumbai's famous Juhu beach which is a popular recreation centre of the highly polluted commercial capital of India. Fisheries Scientists are conducting tests to determine the cause of this unhappy invasion.

What is clearly known is that India is a highy polluted country and Mumbai is a city with a population nearly about to burst at its seams. With rapid industrial development that is so very vital to create jobs and maintain the pace of economic growth, it is not always easy to keep 'sustainable devlopment' on top of the agenda.

A concerted effort is required from the developed countries to help developing countries reduce poulltion without compromising on enconomic growth. The use of alternative fuel and clean energy such as Liquefied petroleum Gas or LPG in both the commercial and domestic sectors in India will bear long term favourable results. But with the present trends of global warming and unpredictable weather patterns the urgency for action has to become the top priority.


Life's ups and downs provide windows of opportunity to determine your goals. Think of using all obstacles as stepping stones to build the future you want. Face upto life. Believe in yourself. Harness the creative powers of those who support you. Move away from negative elements that hinder your progress. It will be rewarding to realize that you are on the path to success, whatever the difficulties you may have to pass through.

Some people say life is not fair. Well, it is not meant to be fair or unfair. It is meant to be just what it is. So don't worry about the 'difficulties.' Cut your path of progress inch by inch,if you have to. You don't get a second chance to walk this earth. So what you make of yourself while you are is what counts and what will be held against you. Nothing short of doing our best is therefore good enough.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

US Civil Rights Pioneer Dies

A 42- year- old seamstress by the name of Rosa Parks made history in Montgomery,Alabama when she refused to give her bus seat to a white man. This act of defiance against an unjust law nearly fifty years ago galvanized a generation of activists including Rev. Martin Luther King Jr, and Malcom X.

The Civil Rights Movement that followed from her simple act eventually after much trials and tribulations, saw the abolition of discrimination in public accommodations.

When I read this news, it brought to memory a quotation I posted here last week, repeated again.

"It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped each time a man stands up for an ideal or acts to improve the lot of others or strikes out against injustice he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest wall of oppression and resistance."-Robert F Kennedy.

The world has lost a champion of Civil Rights. The battle of Civil Rights is still not won. The world is rampant with violence, drugs, poverty, child labor, religious intolerance, terrorism and unresolved age-old conflicts. This is despite the fact globalization and modern technology has made it possible for unparalleled wealth creation and ease of communication.

The bright spark now is the hope that this generation unlike Rosa Parks and her compatriots will not take so much time to resolve the challenges facing the world toady.

Set Up Your Virtual Office

Virtual offices are an expanding business. This concept is mostly used by entrepreneurs starting with low capital, home-based business owners or small business owners.

The Virtual Office Company provides an office location to register a company so that you can have a registered address. It also receives and forwards your mail and provides a telephone answering service for your company. Secretarial services are also available.

The Virtual Office concept gives a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs who do not have to worry about rental space , maitennance of office and staff. This is especially useful for the solo businessperson who can concentrate on doing their business whether it is a sale of a product or service or a person is just persuing their passion , such as painting or any other recreational hobby. Virtual Office allows such persons to have a professional office from where their work is channeled into the marketspace.

The virtaul Office concept is rapidly expanding in the world. This link provides some information about Singapore Virtual Offices.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Slobodan versus Saddam

Slobodan Milosevic was born in 1941 and went on to become the President of Serbia and the Federal Republic Of Yugoslavia. He became a ruthless dictator. After his downfall, he has been handed over to the United Nations War Crimes Tribunal in Hague and is charged for genocide and crimes against humanity. An unrelenting and unrepentent Milosevic has been defending himself since he was arrested in 2001. His case is still going on.

Saddam Hussein was born in 1937 and went on to become the President Of Iraq. He ran a government with absolute control and oppressed any dissent against his rule. He invaded Iran and waged war killing a million on both sides. He invaded Kuwait that invoked a swift military response from The United States and its Allies. He was captured by the United States Forces in 2003 and is held in detention in Iraq. At a special Tribunal in Iraq he is charged with mass killings and crimes against humanity.

The lesson in these two cases that dictaors and tyrants who oppress and commit crimes against humanity are being brought to justice. They can run but they can't hide for ever. These people have committed horrific crimes and while it is little consolation to their countless victims, to give them a fair trial is in the interest of justice.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


  • You will need to make many turns and overcome many obstacles to create the path you desire.
  • Go slow, if you have to but do not stop until you reach your goal. Be flexible to make changes in your direction, always keeping in mind what you want to achieve in the end. Enjoy this process. This is your journey. The effort you put in to reach your destination is as important as the destination.

Wizards 'use' Michael Jordan

Basket ball legend Michael Jordan says The Wizards have unfairly used him. Jordan has led the Chicago Bulls to six NBA titles before he retired. He then became The Wizards president from January 2000 to September 2001, before coming out of retirement to play for Wizards while still holding his management job.

Instead of showing the gratitude that he deserved he has been fired. Greed and manipulation abound the corporate world but this issue takes a larger significance because Michael Jordan is a well known sports personality.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Six Thinking Hats

The concept of the six hats method shows a way to separate emotion from logic, creativity from information and so on. Putting on any one of the hats defines a certain type of thinking. The six hats method allows us to conduct our thinking as a conductor might lead an orchestra.

argument versus parallel thinking.
The basic idea behind Western thinking was desined by the Greek philosophers Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. Western thinking is concerned with 'what is' which is determined by analysis, judgment and argument.

With the six hats method the emphasis is on 'what can be' rather than on just 'what is' and how to design a way forward- not on who is right or wrong.

In the Western traditional thinking two people will go for the exact opposite of an argument and using the adversarial approach would try to win over the other. In parallel thinkg both parties even when they disagree would agree to look at the same direction at any one particular moment in time. So in parallel thinking, no matter how contradictory, all points of view are put down in parellel.

Here goes the different hats
  • White hat: an objective look at information
  • Red hat: looks at feelings hunches and intiution
  • Black hat: logical negative, judgement and caution
  • Yellow hat: logical positive, feasibility and benifits
  • Green hat: New ideas and creative thinking
  • Blue hat: Control of the thinking process

Every hat corresponds to a direction of thinking and not descriptions of what has happened.

To uderstand and apply this method of thinking read Edward de Bono's Excerpts.

Friday, October 21, 2005

"When it is my time to die, I'm the one who has to go"

I heard this line from a TV program, in the context of an individual whose complusive gambling behavior was discussed.

Well, as long he spent his earned money without jeopardising his family it was alright for him, the justification being he spent or lost what he could afford to lose. Good luck for him who earns millions a year and chooses to live and spend his money as he wishes. The same cannot be said of most fixed income earning individuals. The addiction in the earlier case could be named "competitive gaming" in the casinos. If the latter group of people indulge in the same behavior, it can lead to disastrous cosequences because of their addiction to gambling.

As individuals we can choose to do what we want we our lives. But we do have a responsibility to lead our best life for ourselves and make the best positive contribution to our family and our society.

"When it is my time to die, I'm the one who has to go" does not permit and is no excuse for irresponsible behavior whether it is in compulsive gambling, a competitive sport or any other aspect of life.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Liberty qoutes: Crime , Justice and Law

"We enact many laws that manufacture criminals,and then a few that punish them."
- Benjamin R. Tucker(1854-1939)Source: Instead of a Book, 1893"

Justice without force is impotent,force without justice is tyranny.Unable to make what is just strong,we have made what is strong just."
- Blaise Pascal(1623- 1662) French mathematician and philosopherSource: Pensées"

Crime is contagious.If the government becomes a law breaker,it breeds contempt for the law."--
-Justice Louis D. Brandeis(1856-1941) US Supreme Court JusticeSource: Olmstead v. United States, 1928

Edward de Bono's " Six Value Medals"

First it was "Six Thinking Hats". Thinking is the ultimate human resource. The main difficulty of thinking is confusion, more on this topic in another posting. Then came the "Six Action Shoes" which helps to break down action into different modes.

Values are important in our lives. They determine why we behave in a certain manner in business or personal life. Once you know the values that affect a certain behavior, it is easier to make decisions and resolve conflict. "The Six Values Medals" teaches to do just that.

"Effectivenes without values is a tool without a purpose."
-Edward de Bono.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Make up your Mind

When your mind is set on a worthy goal or a noble pursuit, you will not find the time to get emotionally upset about daily difficulties.

Point Of Sale Systems: How To Choose One That’s Right For Your Business

By: Mark Henry

A point of sale (POS) system can have a dramatic impact on the way you run your business -- and on your bottom line. Choosing the right one requires careful planning. Here are some of the things you need to think through to make a good decision when selecting POS equipment and systems for your business. Use this list as a starting point for your planning process. * First of all, price should not be the main consideration when buying a POS system. The improved efficiency, greater flexibility and better reporting should pay for the investment in a reasonable period of time. * Don’t start off by calling for lists of features of various POS systems. Instead, start with a comprehensive analysis of what your business requires. * Do you have operations spread over multiple locations? What are the implications? If you run a restaurant, for example, you may need to keep some parameters common across locations while varying others. For instance, your menu may be identical at all locations, but prices of some items may vary from one outlet to another. The system you choose must be capable of implementing such differences. * How easily can you make changes to the system? You can be sure that your business will keep changing in many respects -- employees join and leave, prices go up or down, your product range expands, locations get added or deleted and so on. Ask yourself if the programming interface will easily allow your employees to execute such changes. * Will it be possible to make changes ahead of time? For example, if you’re beginning a special promotion on November 15, can you input the price changes well in advance and set the system to automatically effect the changes on that date? This as well as other types of flexibility are essential for many retail operations. * To what extent will the POS system need to integrate with your accounting system? Does it have to be real time? Or is it enough to have an export of entries at day-end? * If you are running a bar, does the POS system need to work with liquor control devices? A liquor control device tracks pours from bottles. This makes billing easier and reduces shrinkage. * Will the credit / debit card processing system in the POS equipment work well with your merchant account? * Will the system allow you to implement special deals for frequent shoppers? For instance, each purchase could have points associated with them and these points could eventually translate into lower prices or free gifts. * What reporting capabilities will you need? If you work across multiple locations, will the system give you an online real-time report of transactions completed? Most dealers will have sample reports available. Ask to see them so that you can compare better. * In most cases, the POS system will have to be upgraded as your needs evolve and expand. How quickly can the dealer respond to your needs? Also, most dealers put out regular software upgrades. Are they included in the contract or does the dealer charge extra for them? For the sake of avoiding compatibility problems, plan to purchase new hardware of the same kind as the original. That way you’ll ensure everything works well together -- and even if there are problems, you can get the dealer to handle it. * Support is a critical consideration. What happens if your POS system goes down? This can have a serious impact on the business. You need to get a detailed written agreement on how the dealer is going to handle breakdowns. The dealer may try to diagnose and solve the problem over phone initially. If that doesn’t work, they may send support staff to your location. And if the problem can’t be solved quickly, you may need to get equipment on loan till your system is repaired. POS system downtime can have serious implications. Make sure you get the support you need. The above list should help trigger ideas about the kind of issues you need to look at. Do your planning well before deciding on a POS system for your business.

About the Author: Mark Henry is a systems consultant and has written extensively on POS systems. His articles at and at offer tips for choosing the right point of sale equipment, how point of sale systems need to fit in with the business and more.Source:

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Monday, October 17, 2005

The legacy of Robert F Kennedy

"It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped each time a man stands up for an ideal or acts to improve the lot of others or strikes out against injustice he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest wall of oppression and resistance."
-Robert F Kennedy.

Robert Kennedy was devoted to helping the poor and stamping out injustice. His legacy lives on through the Human Rights Advocacy Award and The Center For Human Rights, which honours individuals striving for social justice throughout the world and continues his vision to realize social justice.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Machine makes dishes on demand

Massachusettes Institute Of Technology Media Lab's Counter Intelligence Group, which develops innovative kitchen designs, has created a machine that makes dishes on demand and recycles them after diners have finished a meal. The dishes are made from food-grade, nontoxic acrylic wafers, which are shaped into cups, bowls and plates when heated, then resume their original wafer shape when they are reheated and pressed.

The machine can produce a dish in every 90 seconds. This would be useful in restaurants and other paces where lot of dishes need to be used. The above is a acrylic dish created by the dishmaker.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Environmentalists take on wind power

Wind energy is clean energy, it is a green energy. It is a renewable source of electrical energy. It is a fast growing industry with US leading the way amid volatile oil prices in the world energy market. Wind power is created by wind turbines put up on towers on specially designed wind farms. The blades of the turbines convert the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical or electrical energy.

Environmentalists are concerned that birds get caught into these tubine blades and often they die creating a hazard for birds and bats some of which are endangered species.

The operators of The Altamont Wind Farm in Sanfrisco Bay have agreed to shut half of their wind mills against the threat of legal action by environmentalist action groups who are opposed to non-crtical wind farm development.

This is an interesting incident that pitches environmentalists on both sides; one pursuing clean renewable energy, the other calling for a ban on such activity that is detrimental to wild life

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Solar Power- the alternative energy

With oil prices at record high levels, interest is picking up to find renewable alternative cheaper sources of energy. This is especially true in the United States where they are used to driving the gas guzzling SUVs and it will be easier and cheaper to find alternative fuels than change their life style.

Solar power is clean energy and it doesn't give out the green house gases that burning wood and coal does. More powerful green house gases are generated by various industrial processes. Without radically changing lifestyles or causing industrial development to stagnate, the only other way to continue the growth and prosperity is find cheaper energy.

The industrial use of solar power is generating world wide interest, though it is still not extensively used in the commercial sector. Research is a critical step to find efficient and affordable means to use solar technology. Solar energy sector has now become hot and companies in the forefront investing and creating appropriate products will reap rich rewards later.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Toddler shoots toddler by accident

A toddler 2 years old, at a day care has managed to lay his hand on a gun belonging to an individual with a criminal history and accidentally fired it on to a 3 year old who escaped serious injury.

This happened in a town in United States where guns are freely available and parental responsiblity over safety of their children is more important than ever before.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

What is value to a customer.

Many business managers are sure they know the answer to this question. Value is what they , in their business, define as quality, value in price. But this answer is misleading.

Marketing is the most important aspect of business today. It has changed the way how people perceive value of products. For example, todays teenagers see top-end branded clothing , shoes and other apparel of quality as high fashion and are prepared to pay high prices for them. Cheaper price or durability is no consideration for them. These young persons, some years later when they become parents value the same products differently. They no longer are looking just for high fashion but more for comfort and durability. Thus, toadys customer is no longer buying just the product but also the satisfaction to fulfil a need.

Monday, October 10, 2005

LIFEGEM makes you immortal

A US firm LIFEGEM is turning cremated remains into jewelry. This company processes and turns the ash into gems. Preserving the memory of their loved ones for ever, people can wear the gems around their necks or carry it around anyway and any where they want. This helps to immortalize loved ones and is considered very positive for people who want hold on to the good old memories.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Intelligent Design has gone to Court

People who question the validity of Intelligent Design as a scientific concept and object to its teaching in a Pennsylvania school have taken the matter to a federal judge. Those against this theory say that it is not science and if it needs to be taught, it should be done as part of the theology and not in the biology curriculum.

Science Teachers want to be able to teach without getting into religious discussions regarding the origin of man. Perhaps any verdict by the court will build further momentum to carry this debate forward.

Saturday, October 08, 2005


"The only way to have a friend is to be one."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson.

So if you want friends, be a friend. Friendship means giving without expecting anything in return. Be very selective in your choice of friends. Choose to associate with people who encourage you to be the best you can be.

Friday, October 07, 2005


Our values strongly affect our decisions. Everyday we make decisions. Since we live in a community, they affect us as well as other people.

At an individual level what are our values. I have stated on this blog two values that are important to me.
1) Integrity
2) Truth

Everyone can determine a set of values and create a hierarchy on the basis of how much is important to them. Some peolpe want to embrace certain values such as safety, love , friendship, responsibility etc. Some may want to move away from some values such as rejection, failure, guilt etc.

Whether we honour our values or violate our values or other peoples values can be determined by our behaviour. For example, money is a value. If someone is out to make money regardless of how he makes it, he would violate several other values.

This is why safeguards against such behaviour are important and penalties be justly meted out when they occur. It is important to remember that money has no worth in itself, it makes other values possible. It is a means to an end, it buys things you want, both tangible and intangible. Money is a very powerful incentive both for good as well as bad behaviour.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

A Game of Leadership

Former President Nelson Mandela (in the picture) topped a BBC poll as the most suitable person to lead a fantasy world government. Former President Bill Clinton was second. Entrepreneurs Bill Gates , Steve Jobs and Richard Branson were also in the top 11. Participants in the poll were asked to play an interactive game and choose their favourite leaders from among polticians, acedemics, economists, sports stars and well known people from other fields of life.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Today, robots are available in all areas of life. In some cases they complement human activity providing valuable help in dangerous situations. For example, in a mine field, there are robots that are capable of identifying and clearing land mines which has caused the loss of limbs and life to so many humans.

In other cases they compete with humans when they are able to do repetetive tasks efficiently and tirelessly which is not the case when humans work for long hours. At a personal level robots help us in so many ways, they help us in medical technology and provide tremendous entertainment.

A Japanese Company has unveiled Murata Boy, a bike riding robot that rides without falling down. The picture above shows this robot.

The Evolution Debate- Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design(ID) is an anti- evolution theory. The theory says that living beings are so complex that they didn't simply evolve but a higher intelligence has palyed a crucial role.

A number of US school boards have endorsed the intelligent design and through biology it is offered as an alternative to evolution. This theory is strongly supported by the conservative christians in the United States. Some parents are objecting to ID being thought to their children in public schools. The US constitution provides for the separation of religion and and state and it has worked very well for them. This attempt to introduce Intelligent Design to public schools will blur that line and a raging debate has started beween scientists , theologians and well meaning citizens.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Farming is one of the earliest industries. Early farmers lived off their land eating edible plants and hunting animals. When people began to plant and harvest crops, communities began to expand. Early farmers used tradtional methods to plow the fields and harvest the crops. Plows were made of wood and animals were used to pull it across the field.

Industrialization brought in tractors and other tools. Traditional farmers owned their land and rotated their crops so that they were able get yeilds always keeping the soil fertile. With industrial farming vast spaces of forest land are used to grow crops that are required to be exported to distant countries. Thus, the question of sustainable development has become a global 'catch word.'

Sunday, October 02, 2005

A helpful saying

Success is the result of good judgement
Good judgement is the result of good judgement
Good judgement is the result of experience
Experience is often the result of bad judgement

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Robots To Teach Students English In South Korea

The Korea Advanced Intelligent Robot Association under the auspices of The Ministry of Information and Communication has begun , on a test basis, to use robots that will teach students how to pronouce English words.

As the demand for such robots rise, more features will be included for advanced teaching.

So now your teacher comes in. It's Good Morning Sir or Madam or Good Morning Mr./Ms. Robot. Its a very interesting development. The Robots will soon teach us how to use and benifit from Artificial Intelligence. They'll push us to use them in our everyday life, our work and our play. Their quest to lead us has begun.