Saturday, July 29, 2006

Celsius: A drink too good to believe

This sounds almost too good to be true: A soft drink that can actually help a person lose weight. No exercise required, just enjoy the drink and lose weight. This is something too good to be true. Against a backdrop of sagging sales of carbonated soft drinks, enter Celsius soft drinks from Elite FX.

The drink, called Celsius, is manufactured by a Florida company and is now hitting shelves in Maine, Portland .

Well, we are now moving away from the no-calorie soda to the negative calorie sodas. The Celsius in its early evolutionary stages is still a revolutionary act in the diet soda market that exists from the 1960s. Certainly the pursuit of weight loss is nothing new. But wouldn't this be quite an achievent when you can sit on your couch, watch your favourite TV program and lose weight by sipping Celsius.

The secret of Celsius, said Janice Haley of Elite FX, is in the natural ingredients, which include green tea, ginger and B vitamins.

Haley explained, "The way Celsius works, it raises your metabolism by 12 percent.

Not so fast cautions exercise physiologist Dawn Strout who is skeptical. While she said she doesn't discredit the claims, she doesn't believe there is any quick fix to weight loss. She said she believes in raising metabolism naturally.

So be careful, heed this Celsius claim only with a grain of salt.

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