Monday, July 24, 2006

Energy drinks is making a resurgence

Originally associated with the extreme sports phenomenon, energy drinks have managed to endear themselves to mainstream consumers, much like sports beverages. Whereas sports drinks were once a hallmark of serious athletes, the on-the-go consumer has embraced them as a convenient alternative to soft drinks.

Energy drinks are defined as beverages bearing a specific claim to boost energy or stimulation.

Energy drinks are now a booming industry.TaB Energy is the Coca-Cola's low-calorie energy drink. It is a caffeinated energy drink and some people call it the 'pink power' because of its distinctive pink colour can. Weight-conscious celebrities are seen to be using them.

The world's most popular soft drink, the coke has gone full throttle to produce another energy drink 'Full Throttle.' Full Throttle is also a graphical adventure game, originally developed in-house and released by LucasArts and the the 'full throttle' of the Coca-Cola would certainly have a cool appeal of a younger audience who can't have enough of the game.

With the 'red bulls' and several other brands pounding their way into the mainstream beverage market, there is no shortage of choice for thrill seeking customers.

According to the Mintel market research group, the combined sales of sports and energy drinks in 2005 was $1.83-billion (U.S.), up 130 per cent from 2004, making it the fastest-growing edge of the beverage market.

Energy drinks are now available in most gyms as well as in popular bars.

In the run upto 2008 olympic games in Beijing, Dairy Australia is helping companies in China on how to add a boost to their dairy products to meet a growing demand for energy drinks.

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