Saturday, July 22, 2006

Go for a snooze on the Metronap Sleep Pod

Sleep deprivation is a common occurrence in modern culture. There seems to be twice as much work and half as much time to complete it in. This results in either extended periods of wakefulness or a decrease in sleep over an extended period of time.

It is said that New York, the world's leading business centre does not sleep.

A company in USA is providing some help in this regard. It has developed MetroNaps, a process that helps to maximize the rejuvenating effects of a brief rest.

This Pod inclines forward to allow for easy entry, and then reclines and it gives a magical rest.

This is also good news for a nation addicted to fast foods and finds obesity one of it's major health problems. Lack of sleep is said to contribute to weight gain and so more sleep pods are needed in offices, airports and other public places to provide the weary workers a respite.

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