Thursday, July 20, 2006

Know thy time- A daily dose of Inspiration from Peter Drucker

The above is a must-have book for me, but not in my possession yet. Here is a pick of a daily inspiration taken from Drucker's site.

Effective executives start with their time.

"Know thyself," the old prescription for wisdom, is almost impossibly difficult for mortal men. But everyone can follow the injunction "Know thy time" if one wants to, and be well on the road toward contribution and effectiveness.

Effective executives do not start with their tasks. They start with their time. And they do not start out with planning. They start by finding out where their time actually goes. Then they attempt to manage their time and to cut back unproductive demands on their time. Finally they consolidate their "discretionary" time into the largest possible continuing units.

Action Point for the Day: Find out where your time goes by recording, managing, and consolidating your time.

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