Thursday, January 25, 2007

Technology brings back good old 'chatting'

As president George Bush was following the age old retual of delivering the State of the Union address, Democratic presidential candidate Tom Vilsack was in his car, racing to a dinner.

While he listened to the president on his radio, he pulled out his BlackBerry and began typing.

“I am not only interested in hearing your thoughts about the speech,” he wrote in an online political forum at, “but also your ideas about what we should be doing as a country.”

His post kicked off a lengthy conversation between Vilsack, GOP presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee and HOTSOUP community members from across the country.

HOTSOUP is an online community that connects well-known influencers from the worlds of politics, business, religion, and popular culture with influencers who drive opinion at the grassroots and community levels.

Harnessing the power of social networking technology, HOTSOUP levels the playing field by giving anyone and everyone a voice in how America’s institutions can work better.

Opinion Drivers are an enormous and growing force because Americans place decreasing trust in old-line opinion leaders such as network anchors and politicians; they’re turning to each other for advice and guidance in these fast-changing times.

This is the 21st century conversation – online, surrounded by an e-community and authentically two-way.

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