Monday, January 08, 2007

The digital decade is here

In his penultimate keynote address at the the world's largest hi-tech conference, the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates focused on the topic of increased connectivity as the key to entering a truly digital decade.

This is the meeting where everyone looks for the cool technology that is about to be released to the market.

"Young people spend more time with their Windows PC than watching TV," Gates said.

Commenting on Microsoft's forthcoming Vista Bill Gates said, "For Microsoft this year is a big milestone. This is by far the most important release of Windows ever."

Vista-based personal computers would be the tool to connect people. People can to do things with their content across multiple platforms. Connectivity is the important component.

Gates also talked about a new Windows Home Server that Microsoft is working with HP. The Windows Home Server is a storage system which can hold more than one terabyte of data.

The Home Server lets people store all their data on a central device and access from any number of Windows-connected products, including the Zune portable music player, the Xbox 360, PCs and phones.

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