Monday, January 01, 2007

Singapore ushers in 2007

Over 150,000 people turned up at Marina Bay on Sunday evening to usher in the New Year.

Marina Bay is in Singapore's Central Area which refers to the core financial and commercial districts in Singapore. Marina Bay is becoming the marketing brandname for the new developments to extend to the central business district in the Marina South area.

Future developments around Marina Bay are expected to further support Singapore's continuing growth as a major business and financial hub in the region. The area has also been planned to become a lifestyle hub with round the clock vibrancy and energy.

After major land reclamation was done, now the legendary Singapore River empties into the Marina Bay. Singapore river steeped in myth is the lifeblood of Singapore's early trade and commercial activity.

Now the river brings romantic charm entertaining visitors in riverside pubs and restaurants. Cruise boats and river taxis use the river to take tourists around, seeing historical landmarks like the Raffles Landing Place and the watchful Merlion standing guard at its entrance.

The sleepy town that once was, has transformed into a well-run city state with creative and performance arts taking the centre stage as was shown by the glittering fireworks that usherd in the new year.

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