Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Platini wants to confront racism xenophobia

Former France captain and one of the finest midfielder Michel Platini has been elected as Uefa's new president and he has set the following targets for the champions league.

1)Gaining recognition of football's special status in European law

2)Developing all Uefa competitions, including Intertoto Cup, youth and women's championships

3)Combating racism, xenophobia and fraud

4)Correcting inequalities and establishing equal opportunities

5)Reducing the maximum number of teams per country in the Champions League to three
In creasing co-operation with Fifa

6)A hands-on presidency and more decision-making by Uefa executive

Platini as player had a strong mind and now he has an opportunity to tackle and win over problems that he has outlined. It looks a tall order but he is a populist as described BBC sports editor Mihir Bose. So let's count him to do the job.

He should deal firmly with foul-mouthed people like Mattarazi of Italy, so that win or lose, the outcome of the game can be decided on the skill of players playing football and not taunting racial insults.

"It is a game before a product, a sport before a market, a show before a business."
-Michel Platini.

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