Friday, January 05, 2007

Money isolates people ?

A recent study — part of the growing field of behavioural economics — takes that disconnect between community and consumerism a step further, suggesting that even thinking about money can isolate an individual.

People who were primed with images of money were not only more self reliant, they were also less likely to help others, according to the findings of University of Minnesota marketing professor Kathleen Vohs.

"Money pushes people into a state where they become focused on achieving their own goals without help of others," says researcher Kathleen Vohs.

The finding shows that people with money on the brain also appeared to be less open, putting more physical space between themselves and others.

On the positive side of this finding is the fact that being self-sufficient and goal-driven, one can achieve something without relying on other people .

It's rather shocking that in the experiment, people who were reminded of money didn't even make an attempt to help others who were in need.

While there are many rich people who donate their money and time generously for worthy causes, the experiment does show the negative side of how some people may succumb to the influence of money.

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