Monday, January 22, 2007

The changing power of internet

The internet has become an important tool of communication as confirmed by a fast-growing trend in the United States.

Politicians and activists pay almost as much attention now to blogs as they do to traditional news sources.

But the web is challenging not just the traditional media but also techniques that have been popular for two decades, such as focus groups and advertising.

Democratic presidential hopefuls showed over the weekend the increasing dominance of the web as a political tool.

Hillary Clinton and the Democratic governor Bill Richardson both opted against the traditional launch - a televised speech in a hall or other public arena, surrounded by family, flags and a few dozen supporters - and announced their intentions on the internet.

Mrs Clinton, the frontrunner, made her case for the Democratic nomination on Saturday on her website (, the centrepiece of which was a well-rehearsed video in which she said: "I'm in and I am in to win." She promised to hold web chats today, tomorrow and Wednesday.

Likewise Gov. Richardson, also made his announcement yesterday by video. The old media, CNN, was reduced to showing his web video in its hourly broadcasts.

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