Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Separating the his-and-her bedroom

A new trend is setting in as usual in the United States, a trend that will soon race across the Atlantic to Britain and Europe and to the rest of the world.

In a survey in February by the National Association of Home Builders, builders and architects predicted that more than 60 percent of custom houses would have dual master bedrooms by 2015, according to Gopal Ahluwalia, staff vice president of research at the builders association. Many new projects already do.

Couples and sociologists interviewed said this trend has nothing to do with sex. It may have something to do with snoring or children crying. The need for privacy and space is more important when both partners have different careers and independent lifestyles. One may want to sound the alarm clock and rise up for the early morning gym, while the other may want to sleep late after working late into the night.

It started with the his-and-hers closet ... now the demand is for the his-and-hers bedroom. It's a market-driven demand that's catching on fast. It is a sign of the times, a statement of fashion and a reflection of the desires of an affluent society.

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