Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Accomplishing goals

This a reccurring theme that we hear over and over again. The capitalistic economic system is dominating the world and we are always competing with one another. Individuals, corporations and nations compete to derive a competitive advantage and increase profitability of business and services.

In this system, setting goals and attaining goals is an important benchmark for success. As individuals we can improve by our own efforts and in collaboration with other people. In order to continue succeeding in this 'fighting for survival' system, we need to be alert to the rapidly changing conditions around us.

We have to focus our energy and our efforts to achieve what we desire by making the choices that can help us advance. We have to associate with people who can positively contribute to us and strenghten our efforts.

We should not worry on things that are inconsequential and we should not try to get even with our enemies, for it will drain us of the much needed energy.

When we do things for other people, we should do them without expecting any gratitude but because it is the right thing to do.

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