Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dancing with one leg

Following her high profile divorce from Paul McCartney, the former model and human rights activist Heather Mills was vilified by the press especially in Britain. The tabloids portrayed Mills who has lost one of her legs to an accident as greedy, demanding a disproportionate settlement from the popular ex Beatle Paul McCartney.

Now she is getting kudos for her dance performance as the first ever contestant to appear on the American hit tv programme 'Dancing with the Stars,' with a prosthetic leg. Mills and her dancing partner Apolo Anton Ohno, danced the foxtrot to ‘Cheek to Cheek’ - the Irving Berlin classic.

More than 20 million US viewers tuned in to see Heather Mills foxtrot on the dancefloor yesterday, the biggest audience ever for a season premiere of the ballroom dancing show and clearly the most watched show of the night on US television.

She has overcome an adversity with a never-give-up attitude. She practised vigirously and received a standing ovation when she completed her dance without a fall. She got respectable marks from the judges who were very impressed with her effort. She said that she wanted to prove to the world that a handicapped, publicly despised person could come out on national television, overcome adversity and win.

All the money that she makes from this event is going to the charities she is involved with. Though she still has many skepics who continue to write negative publicity, this is an inspirational effort which is contributing to a good cause.

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