Saturday, March 03, 2007

Glamour, Money and a Sad Saga

Anna Nicole Smith, 39, was buried in the Bahamas yesterday after a gripping court drama that saw two men claim paternity of her 5-month baby and her estranged mother versus her legal partner boyfriend who wanted the court to decide her place of burial.

The emotional court 'circus' as described by some reporters ended when a crying judge declared that she be buried in Bahamas next to her son Daniel, 20, who died five months ago.

In life, Anna Nicole Smith was a Playboy model and reality TV star. Her marriage to a 89-old billionaire, 63 years her senior who died 14 months after her marriage and her still-continuing court battles claiming $500 million of his estate always made tabloid headlines.

She came from a humble beginning. She wanted to make it big in life. She earned money and achieved fame but her life was also a turbulent one when she was overcome by episodes of substance abuse. She craved media attention and their pursuit of her was relentless. Her life unfolded as a real life soap opera; it had beauty, money, drugs, scandals and a tragic end.

In life, everyone around her used her to make money. She became a marketing tool and the media was in a curious way fascinated with every bit of her out-of-control life. It appears this trend is still continuing after her death. Anna Nicole Smith's mother has accused Howard K. Stern, her attorney boyfriend of selling the TV rights to her funeral for $1 million.

In life Anna Nicole Smith idolised another tragic celebrity, Marilyn Monroe. Ironically, they both shared a similar end after living their life in the public eye.

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ilovelivepositivevalues said...

This whole ordeal was just sad all the way around. I felt so sorry for everyone involved but hope, somehow, everyone in her family can move on from this and remember her for her daughter.