Sunday, March 18, 2007

Irish march on St. Patrick's Day

The Irish cricket contingent at the Caribbean started the festival of St. Patrick's day, the anniversary to honour saints' deaths by crashing Pakistan out of the world cup.

Cricket is a quasi-religion in the Indian subcontinent. The day Pakistan was demolished by Ireland was also the day India lost to a weaker team, Bangladesh playing to its full potential.

The cricket mad nation of Pakistan is in mourning and the jury is out to decide the fate of the coach and the captain. Pakistan's captain, the affable Inzaman-ul-haq's illustreous career may be brought to an end. There will be no shortage of public opinion about the ineffective Packistan Cricket Board. Heads will certainly roll and discipline will have to be restored before fortune will bring back the past glory.

Knives are being sharpened in India whose fanatic cricket supporters see their team's back against the wall after their shock defeat to Bangaldesh. For India to advance to the knock-out phase it has to beat Bermuda on March 19 and Sri Lanka on March 23.

India knows beating Sri Lanka will not be a walk in the park. Rahul Dravid and co will have to pick themselves up and get the job done while millions are praying for their success.

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