Wednesday, August 16, 2006

PCB wants Kamran to rub off England's greats

Kamran Akmal, the young Pakistani wicket keeper is under the spotlight.

Rodney Marsh, one of Australia's greatest gloveman is quoted to have said that Kamran Akmal was the best wicketkeeper in the world last year.

But that was last year. In Pakistan's current tour to England, Pakistan has lost two of the three-test sries and Kamran Akmal has had a poor season, dropping some vital catches which could have made a difference.

This is the reason why Pakistan Cricket Board(PCB) chairman wants Pakistan's coach, to persuade one or other of Bob Taylor (174 dismissals in 57 Tests) or Jack Russell (165 in 54), two of England's best keepers of modern times, to work with Akmal and lift his faltering spirit.

These days players who are contracted to play for their national teams are expected to perform and win for the teams they play.

For players to succeed at the highest level, what is required is not only talent. They have to be dedicated to keep up fitness and practise on a regular basis.

Many of these young players have to grow up fast, so that they have a level of emotional maturity that can handle the demands of the game and the success, money and glory it brings.

To become such confident and self-reliant adults, they can benefit from the beaten track of great players like England's Bob Taylor and Jack Russel.

There is no doubt that Kamran Akmal is a gifted player but all players go through bad spells and they under perform for various reasons.

Kamran's fan will hope that he can get the guidance, motivation and self-confidence from the great English players.

Kamran may also require patience and time to turn his game around. But patience and time would be in short supply when there is stiff competition for regular places on the team.

So good luck. Kamran.

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