Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mugabe offered human feaces in a comedy of error

A hugely embarrassing typographical error on a menu issued to President Robert Mugabe during his return flight from Malaysia this week led to four senior Air Zimbabwe officials being suspended from their jobs.

Whenever Mugabe travels, special onboard menus are also prepared. Mugabe is known to favour traditional Zimbabwean dishes. But Air Zimbabwe management seem to have slipped up badly this week with an unfortunate typographical error on a special menu for Mugabe written in the vernacular Shona language.

The menu written in Shona should have read "Chimukuyu and Dovi", which means dried beef meat cooked in peanut butter - a delicious Zimbabwean meal. However, the typographical error replaced the "v" on the word dovi with a "d" to form the word "dodi", which in Shona language means human excrement.

A furious Mugabe would have certainly blown his top, but he has son Chatunga to thank otherwise the meal could have been served had Chatunga not noticed the error, thus avioding a stink and a sour taste in the mouth this time.

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