Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Boy George collects thrash

George Alan O'Dowd, better known as Boy George, (born June 14, 1961, in London, England) is an English singer-songwriter who gained fame with his group Culture Club during the 1980s.

George's striking looks inspired many Boy George look-alike contests around the world, and his face became the image of Culture Club. He also became a household name in many countries.

Boy George has struggled against severe heroin addiction for many years. He has also battled severe bouts of depression.

Boy George, was ordered to pick up trash in New York city as part of his plea bargain over drug charges stemming from his own call to police over a burglary at Boy George's New York apartment that never happened.

The picture above shows George beginning his 5-day community service of road sweeping and picking thrash.

Unless Boy George can turn his life around, he'll find this a fast descending path that other megastars like Maradona have tragically found out. Falling from grace is not nearly as bad as looking death in the face that Maradona, arguably one the best footballer has found out.

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