Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Who needs a life coach?

Coaching has become a big business in the world. Whether a person wants to succeed in sports, in business or in life, one can find any number of coaches, some of them giving band-aid solutions while others give professional counselling and training.

Coaching can be of great help because it provides the clarity and the focus of our actions. It helps us to stay on the right track to reach a desired goal.

Life coaches are are the new kids on the block, who are finding plenty of work in business, personal development and entertainment.

The entertainment profession with a high propensity for coaching — the acting coach, the voice coach, the writing coach — there appears to be room for one more coach, the one in charge of happiness, not to be confused with the old-school therapist.

"The difference between life coaching and therapy is that psychotherapy is about helping people heal their wounds," said Phil Towle, a psychotherapist and life coach, "and coaching is about helping people achieve the highest level of their fulfillment or happiness or success, whether they're wounded or not.

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