Thursday, May 10, 2007

What's going wrong with Paris Hilton?

Socialite Paris Hilton, right, arrives for her probation-violation hearing at the Metropolitan courthouse last Friday with her parents Kathy Hilton, left and Rick Hilton, right. (AP Photo/Dan Steinberg)

Paris Hilton has been sentenced a 45-day jail term. Paris was given the jail sentence on Friday after being found to have violated her probation for drink-driving by twice taking to the wheel and speeding while her license was suspended.

This is an apalling situation. The 26-year-old US celebrity and party girl is seen as a role model by many younger women. She has been living a roller coaster life as an adult, at times insanely out of control.

Her mother Kathy Hilton was 19 when she gave birth to Paris in 1981, just two years after marrying Rick Hilton, a real estate developer and an heir to the Hilton Hotel fortune.

When a homemade sex tape called "One Night in Paris" surfaced on the Internet, Kathy Hilton who is active in various charities characterized her daughter as a victim.

Kathy Hilton has publicly defended Paris before, calling her "vulnerable."

"She's eccentric, she's herself and she never hurts anybody," she told the London newspaper The Guardian in December 2005. "It upsets me that she gets taken advantage of, but I think we've all learned to deal with it."

It appears that Paris Hilton does not understand the meaning of responsibility. She also has to learn to accept the consequences of her actions.

Her misbehaviour is being perpetuated by the actions of her mother whose support is sending the wrong signal.

Paris Hilton has used her MySpace site to post a blog urging visitors to sign an online petition that asks California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for leniency regarding her drink driving conviction. It seems the petition has received almost 12,000 signatures so far.

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