Sunday, May 13, 2007

Cold War between Manchester United and Chelsea

An interesting article in the BBC carries the title, "The Glazer family v Roman Abramovich."

Manchester United have won over Chelsea in the English Premier League, an event being referred to as the English football's own version of the Cold War.

American-owned Manchester United has fought with Russian-backed Chelsea in a conflict full ideological differences and tension reminiscent of the superpower rivalry between the United States and Soviet Union.

The United States has the capitalist economy and a free and open society while the Soviet Union was the one-party communist state with a controlled economy.

These differences are apparent in the style of management between American Glazers who own the Manchester United and the the tighter control imposed by the Russian Roman Abramovich over Chelsea.

Both owners are out to make money using the EPL as a robust product. The American approach of supporting one of the best football manager's with the financial resources and trusting him to do the job has won the day.

Chelsea's uninspiring football played with ruthless efficiency has lost out in the battle of winning the hearts and minds of passionate supporters.

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