Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mining online opportunities

The Internet has changed our life in several ways. Education is now a vital part of our life and our career. Education is now a continuous process throughout our entire life.

The e-learning has emerged, making learning the lifeblood of the knowledge economy.

You can pick among many roles in the e-learning economy. You can specialize in teaching businesses large or small computer basics, management techniques, or high-end programming skills.

You might create guides that help employees in the workplace. You can create Web sites that help learning process with young people, or training that helps seniors tune their Internet skills.

You can provide content or marketing help or technical services to other online learning firms. You can resell products. You can broker classes on behalf of other businesses, recruit students, resell CD-based courses, or engage in other middleman activities in the online learning economy.

There are endless variations in audience demographics, delivery methods, content and learning styles. Online learning is new and wide open.

Your ability to seize these opportunities depends only upon how well your skill set and delivery abilities match with these opportunities. The market opportunities are really only limited by your imagination.

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