Monday, May 14, 2007

Facing sharks to create winning mind-set

An aquarium in Rimini, Italy is offering business executives the chance to swim with sharks to help them combat boardroom stress.

With 11 bull sharks around, people will have to face up to their fears. They will have to be assertive and attentive at all the times.

This isn't a game for sheer thrill. It is a course in personal development, rising above personal inhibitions.

After suitable training, daring executives were lowered, one by one, into a tank filled with 11 bull sharks in order to "overcome their personal limits".

The participants were instructed to "look into the sharks' eyes" from behind the safety of their steel cage.

This is not the kind of situation where a person can allow the mind to wander into fantasy land. He has to maintain focus and the right attitude, in order to overcome innate fears.

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