Saturday, September 09, 2006

Inzamam's catch, and the double standards.

In a match that England finally won ending their recent one-day drought, Pakistan thought they had dismissed left-hander Strauss, for five, in only the fourth over when an edge off Mohammad Asif flew low to Inzamam-ul-Haq at first slip.

On-field umpires Daryl Harper and Mark Benson referred the catch to third official Ian Gould, who ruled Strauss was not out.

Some people thought the TV replay showed the ball bouncing in front of Inzy’s hands. But time and again such images have proved false.

Sky TV commentators Mike Atherton and David Gower both thought it was a clean catch, while Michael Holding was convinced the ball was not up.

In between time the Pakistan captain had been done something of an injustice as one of a collection of inconclusive images was shown on the big screen in the stands - he was roundly booed by the 15,000 crowd.

"When they showed the replays there were two views of it," said Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer. "One looked out and the other one looked not out.

"If they are going to show one on the big screen they should show the other."

These are the double standards that continue to plague this fine game. Having an uncontrolled rowdy crowd of spectators who do not maintain or observe the spirit of fair gamesmanship is the beginning of the road towards the more serious and sinister hooliganism which now has been curbed in English football through strict measures.

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