Saturday, September 23, 2006

Essentials of entrepreneurship

  • So what is entrepreneurship all about?

1-It is all about hard work and applying your mind properly.
2-It needs complete dedication to your ideas and putting your best efforts into them.
3-It is going to bed thinking about the idea and waking up in the morning thinking about it.
4-It is a field where you need constant attention at every detail.
5-It is about driving yourself: If you are a professional, your boss will remind you that you are not working, if you an entrepreneur you have to remind yourself.
6-It is about convincing others about your ideas too: You have to get the full support of your family and friends to succeed.
7-It is about networking: Being an entrepreneur also means that you have to be constantly in touch with clients, customer and business partners at close quarters.
8-It is about leadership: You should know how to be a leader and add value to the leadership with your ideas.
9-It is about confidence: You have to live with the conviction that even if things don't work out in the initial stages, later on everything will be in place and you will emerge a winner.

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