Thursday, February 22, 2007

Why are children getting fatter?

Blame the fast foods. Blame the toys. Blame the age of electronica. Children from America to Australia and all across the developed world are getting fatter. Obesity has begun to sound off the alarn bells.

Rising rates of obesity and weight problems among children is now a major health issue as more than a million children under 16 in the UK are now classified as obese.

A report by the National Audit Office of UK , says that more and more British children each year are obese.The economic impact of obesity is starting to be felt in the UK. Estimates put the economic cost at $4 billion a year, while the National Health Service is reeling under an annual bill of $1.8 billion.

If children are becoming obese and overweight, when they come into adulthood they are much more likely to suffer from serious chronic diseases such as diabetes II, hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Obese people also have a much higher risk of developing cancer. Obese cancer patients have a much higher death rate than non-obese cancer patients.

Nutritionally, developing countries are turning into little Americas. There are fast food centres everywhere, children are much less physically active then their parents were. With increasing affluency, the well-to-do children get chauffeured by the parents everywhere, while in the past they would walk, take a bus or cycle.

Rather than getting out to play on the field or park with friends, children opt to stay indoors and play video games or spend time in passive TV watching.

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