Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lady Chatterley's lover wins French oscar

Lady Chatterley, a French film version of D.H. Lawrence's groundbreaking novel of sexual passion, beat the Oscar-nominated wartime drama "Days of Glory" to claim the award for best film at the Cesars, France's version of the Academy Awards.

Lady Chatterley, directed by Pascale Ferran, tells the story of the wife of a wealthy paralysed landowner who falls in love with a gamekeeper on her husband's estate.

The film took home five Cesars in all, also winning best adaptation, best costumes and best cinematography.

In 1959, the movie Lady Chatterley was the subject of attempted censorship in New York State on the grounds that it promoted adultery. The Supreme Court held that the law prohibiting its showing was a violation of the First Amendment's protection of Free Speech.

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