Saturday, February 03, 2007

Final warning on earth's warming

According to a just-released UN report, the world will be a much hotter place by 2100.

In a conference in Paris, officials from 113 countries agreed that global warming was "very likely" caused by human activity.

As the delegates held their evening session, the Eiffel Tower, other Paris monuments and concerned citizens in several European countrie switched off their lights for five minutes to call attention to energy conservation, heeding a call by French environmental campaigners.

The Americans who lead as the world's largest polluter, had walked away from the Kyoto pact which required the commitment of the rich industrialised countries to reduce emissions of six greenhouse gases, sparking widespread criticism.

The impact of the catastrophic human suffering and financial losses of shutting down oil refinaries caused by hurricane Katrina and Rita on the US Gulf Coast together with the increasing ferocity of other hurricanes and tornadoes seems to have woken up the Americans.

The Bush administration has said the human role in climate change is no longer debatable following the report. ``Human activity is contributing to changes in the Earth's climate,'' Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman said at a press conference in Washington. ``That issue is no longer up for debate.''

At long last, common sense which isn't too common is prevailing. The humans are beginning to be convinced that the rising temperature of the earth has to be a consequence of the action the humans.

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