Sunday, October 15, 2006

When is a cross not a cross?

A row has emerged between British Airways (BA) and one of its staff Nadia Eweida who is adamant that as a Christian, it is her right to wear a cross, just like a muslim women is allowed to wear a veil or a sikh man is allowed to wear a turban.

British Airways says their policy is that all jewellery and religious symbols on chains must be worn under the uniform.

BA has made an exception for Sikh turbans and Muslim hijabs because they cannot be covered up.

The debate of the cross is coming as a time when rumblings over the muslim veil is raging across Britain and its muslim community.

Discrimination over religious symbols of different faiths is a sensitive matter. Some may argue that the display of the cross is more than a religious symbol to some, who may well regard it as statement of fashion.

Whatever the case may be, Christians have a right to dislpay their religious symbols just like other religions.

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