Thursday, October 26, 2006

Can one succed with just 'sweat equity'?

Sweat Equity refers to work, especially manual labor, performed in return for a share in ownership, as of a home.

Some of the best businesses in recent entrepreneurial history are those that have been started with little or no money. Dell Computer, MicroSoft, Apple, HP and tens of thousands of others started in dorm rooms, tiny offices or garages.

With these illustreous names to look upto, the answer to my title question is a resounding 'yes.'

With plenty of sweat equity and with minimal capital equity, anyone can create their own business that could rival the likes of EBay, even if the sweat equity entrepreneur chooses to work with EBay.

Technology and communication has thrown up endless possibilities for those daring to innovate, even on some old ideas.

These are the best times for entrepreneurs who are dedicated and committed to achieve results of long term goals.

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