Saturday, October 07, 2006

Coffee and Tea, in black

They come in different names : English coffee, French and Spanish café, German koffee, Finnish kahvi, Dutch koffie, Swedish and Norwegian kaffe, Russian kofe, Polish kawa, and even Yiddish kave.

As the drink traveled around the world, it was given more names—Japanese koohii, Malay kopi, Thai gafae, , Punjabi (India) kaafii, and Hindi kofii.

Well, the black brew has become popular in Europe, its origins thought to have come from the highlands of Ethiopia and spread to the rest of the world via Egypt and Europe. The word coffee is derived from the Arabic word Qahwah.

Gourmet Coffee is big business in the United States, and according to this article September 29, 2006, was celebrated as the National Coffee Day.

Scientists who have conducted research into the of the rich English tradition of drinking tea now say there's evidence to suggest that drinking a minimum of four cups of black tea a day can help you fight daily stress.

Coffee and Tea are the most widely consumed beverages in the world. While some will swear by their morning coffee, others can only make their day starting with the cup of tea at breakfast.

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