Monday, April 02, 2007

Online advertising beats print ads

Quoting the Internet Advertising Bureau an article in the Guardian reads that online spending smashed through the £2bn barrier in 2006 while television revenues fell and press barely budged.

A 41% growth put 2006 UK online spending at £2.016bn, representing 11.4% of total advertising revenues. IAB said that helped offset declines in traditional media and meant the overall advertising industry was able to clock up modest growth of 1.1% over the year.

The report suggests that online advertising growth is still fastest in the so-called search area - sponsored listings that advertisers pay for when a consumer clicks through to their site.

Spending on search advertising jumped 52% to £1.2bn, giving it a 57.8% share of the online market. Online classified advertising made up 18.8% and experienced growth of 45%, in stark contrast to traditional press where classified advertising fell 7.8%.

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