Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bad Parenting and Free Speech

Actor Alec Baldwin's verbal tirade against his 11-year-old daughter was exposed last Thursday by the celebrity Web site TMZ.com. They posted a recording of the abusive phone message Baldwin had left the child, calling her a “rude, thoughtless little pig.”

Baldwin who has apologized for his outburst has accused his ex-wife Kim Basinger, alleging that she leaked a private message to the public. The couple have fought a bitter six-year custody battle over their child.

In the United States the freedom of the press to report and inform the public is a right guaranteed by the bill of rights or the constitution. The purpose being to make it possible for the citizens to make informed choices and decisions.

Thus, information that is brought into the public domain ought to have some benefit for the public good or must contribute to the greater good of society.

What good is there in publicly exposing Baldwin's over-the-top outburst meant only for his daughter?

If Baldwin's rant and name calling rises to the level of domestic abuse, this matter ought to have referred to the court rather bring it for public consumption. Repeating his threatening remarks in the 24-hour news cycle only causes more pain and hurt to his daughter.

It is pathetic to see adults acting in this manner.

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