Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Taunting racial insults

Furious fans in India burn effigies of the Australian cricket team

India have stopped playing matches in their Australian cricket tour after one of their team was banned from playing.

Bowler Harbhajan Singh denies breaking the rules of how cricketers should behave by saying something racist to an Australian player.

Harbhajan is appealing against his three-match ban, and his team won't carry on unless he's allowed to play.

The international game is governed by The International Cricket Council (ICC) which has has 101 members: 10 Full Members that play official Test matches, 33 Associate Members, and 58 Affiliate Members.

The game is played not in the spirit of the sportsmanship and camaraderie that it used to be known for: the gentleman's game. It is driven by the big money of corporate sponsorships and broadcasting rights and highly paid contracted players.

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shafraz said...

What the Indians are complaining are the double standards which are set by the ICC. Its decision to ban Harbajan was based on word of mouth given by Ricky ponting whom himself cheated twice in the match 1. when he claimed for a catch which the replays showed was clearly touching the ground when he caught it. 2. when he told the umpire that Michael Clarks catch to dismiss ganguly in the slips was taken clearly when infact the replays showed the ball clearly touched the ground again! When the match refree knew he was not honest why did they make a conclusion based on his statements? Why isn't the ICC talking about punishing the OZ's for lying and misleading the umpires? And why are the ICC guys still repeatedly trying to feel sympathetic to the umpires when again in this match they gave a total of 8 decisions wrong??!!
This match will only be remembered for all the wrong reasons!